Why did my ex act like this?

So I occasionally will see my ex around town. We dated like 8 years ago, a hot little blonde. lol. Anyways, I've seen her at Starbucks before (I study there), with her new boyfriend. A few times I noticed her walk in with him, she saw me and kind of ducked out quickly, which was fine. I really didn't feel like chatting with her. The last few times we've run into each other (alone) we were friendly with each other. This time they walk in, I look up and she's walking past (I know she saw me) because she stops and kind of does this like pose thing and kind of stands there a second while he's up ahead in line. Then I kind of watch from the corner of my eye and she's like lined up looking over at me. Anyways, I watch and while her boyfriend is watching in line she kind of meanders over in front of me, pretending like she doesn't see me, or notice me sitting there. Lol. So I say "hey!" and she comes over and starts chatting with me. A tad awkward and a little nervous I think for both of us. I see her boyfriend craning his head around looking over a little worried, like whats' up sort of. He comes over we introduce and then the go and sit in front of me. Anyways, I thought this was interesting that all the pretending not to see me looking to chat with me. Why the change up?


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  • Its your ex, is it really important? Many people don't aren't comfortable with talking to their ex's, or past friends/coworkers. ITs awkward, and isn't really necessary.


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