Girls; What's the next step in taking my ex gf back?

Just to clarify, this isn't just a relationship. We had 8 years together and we were about to get married. She broke up with me because I didn't show commitment to our plans. It was actually my fault. I also went needy and jeaolus without a reason.

So I tried to convice her to get together again for about 2 weeks. After that I sent her a mail telling that I wished her the best (nothing romantic involved).

After that, I disappearead from FB for about 2 weeks. During these 2 weeks she posted thing on FB related to me, she asked to some friends if they knew something about me.

In the 3rd week, I log onto FB for the first time, but I didn't talk to her. A couple of days later, I posted a photo of myself smiling with my dog ( I dont smile, no joke) but this time I did.

She had an inmediate reaction, she posted "Im surprised how people can change, karma is playing me a bad joke", Besides that, she call a friend of mine and told him "Whos that guy on that photo? he's not my ex... why is this happenning? Tell me where my Ex is... He isn't him!" She sounded pretty surprised, even offended.

Yesterday she posted "Im not the kind of girl who says I love you, i would say you're an idiot, and if I tell you you're an idiot, you're a lucky guy" Her sister commented and said "You call idiot every person you know" and my ex replied "Hey you fucked my indirect :(" She used to call me "idiot" when she was having a good time with me, and I would complain that she wasn't that sweet with me...

I really want to know if I should reconnect with her. Im planning to become a better guy, look more attractive (im going to the gym with good results) and looking for a job and something to study. Im really in love with her and im pretty sure she still has feelings for me.. What step should I take next?


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  • It's gone. Move on. You had your chance and you blew it.


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  • Second question I saw, it really does bother you. Okay, well, if she makes you feel this way, then you can give her one more try. I'm only responding because I think this will help. Talk to her on facebook, tell her that you're sorry and you're solemn in your intentions to be a better man for her and that you will never repeat your earlier shortcoming, ask her not to give you a decision yet, but to first meet you for a coffee so that you could prove to her that you're worthy of her reconsidering you as her boyfriend.


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  • I'm in exact same situation and don't know what to do after? Let me know what you will do and I'll do the same :-)
    I think take her for coffee or lunch casually then maybe night date then start talk

    • haha dude, my ex is on another country. Its very possible she's coming back before January but Im so worried things won't be the same. I wish some girl would answer to this question

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