He friendzoned me, Now seeing someone else, But still In love with him! Advice?

I was dating a guy in the Army and we've been dating for almost 1 year and during basic he meet a friend which is a girl (we were still together). Threw the months and months of his doing training they become closer and he started to catch feelings for her and YES where were still dating doing a long distant relationship.

But then just about 2-3 weeks ago he told me He wanted to be friends for now He's not going to do a Distant Relationship because he doesn't want to hurt me and it hurt because it was almost a year for us! But i don't want to be just friends with the man im in love with.

He says he loves me and all but i found out he started dating (going on dates being together) with his soldier friend that he was friends with at first and that hurts because we couldn't do that because he was in another state :(

Anyways Im In Love with him, still have strong feelings that won't go away UGHHH!! Help
But i want to move on and try to see other people but damn im still inlove
He also always said he wanted to marry me and have kids and all that


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  • Well he isn't infantry because there is no women in infantry training.

    Thus during any basic there is highs and lows, his thoughts and love originally probably doesn't compete or compare to anything that was built through any hardships they shared during training, OR they just horny as fuck because of the physical and mental states of basic.

    You essentially got robbed. in my opinion you should just move on, before he comes back, move on while you're young. You could also be loyal till your death, and he will see that maybe later in life, but really if he said all that then so easily switched on ya, you probably shouldn't waste your time with it.

    The saying goes...

    Young, Dumb, Full of Cum.

    • he still want's me to stay in his life says im what he wants in life but not now :/ but im trying to move on but omg its hard

    • I was infantry, and tend to be rude, and shady. I don't usually like to side with women cause I think most our out to get us but I do remember a few that were simply done wrong and shouldn't had to have gone through certain things.

      If you can't move on, just play it by ear and play it safe. Good luck.

    • Im one of those who were done wrong i was a good one faithful gf and all and yess i went through a lot being there for him while he was in basic ait and airborne and up until now. Had me thinking i was special told me said he cared wanted to marry me and all then turned the page and left me but yeah i hear you.

      I know he's moved on as i see and i just can't its like i have a hold because we envisioned being together forever and its hard to not think about that and being together and just think about friends But I'm trying my hardest to move past the situation

      Thanks for the feed back :)

  • Going through the same thing sucks but what works for me is to use the pain he put you through even though it wasn't on purpose as a way to move on. This guy loved you so much he said things won't workout and dated another girl two weeks later. The out of state thing can work if he really cared my sister and her now husband were 5 hours apart for 2 years and it worked out so this guy isn't worth it. You deserve better.


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