Dumped today , would like some feedback?

Just got broken up with today after a near two month relationship. She claimed she has deep depression and it's getting worse. She said that the relationship will end because she doesn't get happiness from anything and eventually it will destroy us.

She said will be going back to school full / part time along with trying to fix her family and take care of her old grandfather.

She also claimed that she jumped into the relationship too fast but when she said I love you at the week mark she meant it.

She also said I was too nice for her , too kind and compassionate and that all these negative traits about her

To me it says every excuse in the book , in my opinion you will always make room in your life if you really care for them.

I have been stockpiled in my room crying all day and if she wasn't at work i'm sure she would be doing the same. (Considering she called me and said she cried for 2 hours before work)

She says that once she improves herself she wishes to get back together but doesn't know how long it will take.

What do I do here? I really truly care for this girl might I say love.

The thought of her being lost to me has had me mentally distraught all day.

I fall in love way too fast


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  • She has depression
    She has a sick grandmother
    She has school
    She has a job
    She has family to take care of

    And you think that she's making up excuses. Its clear that this woman has problems, massive emotional problems. And it is clear that you do too.

    Obviously there is a ton on her plate and she's probably reaching a breaking point that cannot handle the responsibility of being in a romantic relationship at the moment.

    Your best bet would be to keep your distance and be available as a friend since she has so much shit going on at the moment (only if you are emotionally capable of handling not pushing boundaries and being supportive without expecting Romance as payment for your good deed)

    If you can't handle being friends, then you're going to have to move on and find someone else.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yea, sounds like a lot of hocus pocus. Breaking up really sucks, even for the person doing it. The fact is you got dumped and need to deal with you. You were doing the right thing and being the good boyfriend but she is not your problem anymore. If you keep being there for her now, she'll never come back because she doesn't have to. You gotta create space between you two in order to either let her realize that you were a great thing in her life or for you to heal and deal with life without her.

    You may fall in love too fast, but thats not always a bad thing. At least you're not jaded and cold and incapable of love.

    This feels like the worst thing ever right now, but you have to create space and remove her from your life.

    The best way to do this is to reach out to old friends that you used to hang out with more before she came along and start doing stuff with other people.


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  • Honestly, don't wait around for her. Girls feel like shit when breaking up with someone. They say a lot of crap to make you feel better. That might sound harsh, but it's true. Just move on, find another girl. If she cares, she will get jealous and tell you!


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  • Nothing you can do but give her space man. This means no contact. I agree 100% with you, everything she said was an excuse. If someone really wants to be with they will find a way to make work.


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