How do you get over a break up with someone you really care about?

Just what the title says can you tell me please


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  • I'm sorry. It's funny how life works out sometimes. Sometimes who or what you want isn't good for you. The first step of getting over a breakup is accepting it. Just know that it wasn't you who did the messing up and this was your first relationship. You never know, Maybe you'll find another girl in the military. Maybe she'll have more similar interests. You sound like a wonderful guy. She's missing out.

    • Thankyou and I can accept it but I just remember her smile when we were alright and happy and that just makes me bad again and yeah and yeah maybe I will find someone in the military but I dbout it and awww Thankyou I do like to try and make people smile and happy so I hope you enjoy your day and get what you want

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    • Yeah I am quite fast at moving on and haha if I do I will thank you :) and haha your great at giving advice and I will do :) and your welcome, thanks for commenting on my question

    • Thank you and I was glad to to comment.:))

  • It takes time to get over a break up but trust me this is not the end of the world. There are still millions of people you can meet out there. Just forget about the whole thing and spend time with your friends, try random activities, just do whatever to keep your mind off this. Life goes on mate!

    • Yes it does take time but I'm very patient but it's kinda hard since I've just got back from military training for 3 weeks and she broke up with me before I even managed to do the surprise return since it was he birthday and I leave again in another week and we had plans all this week and everything is fucked and I don't know what to do anymore :(

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    • O'rightt then good luck with that and inform me when you do. Hahah

    • Haha I will do and I will say it was because of you I decided to do it haha

  • It takes time, for me it took about 5 months to get over my ex and realize what I truly deserve. I had actually broken up with him back in August 2013 and for 5 months it was no contact or anything whatsoever. And then in January 2014 he came back and then broke up with me in March 2014. Its like being chewed up and then getting spit out. It hurt me a lot, it was kind of like a bullet in my heart. And the break up really hit me by surprise. It took time for me to heal, and it wasn't easy. But I managed to pull through and I was so proud of myself. I kind of blame myself cause I was stupid to go back to him when I should've kept walking but I did learn a lesson. Don't keep running back to someone that you need to run away. I've healed now and so happy and finally know what I deserve in a relationship. And not just some boy who treats me like I'm a dog and can't even lift a finger for me. Sometimes the person you want isn't the person you deserve to be with. For everyone getting over an ex isn't easy. It is hard at first I will admit, but it takes small steps to get over it. I believe that there is someone out there for everybody you just have to go out there and find them. Get to know people, don't open up to them so quickly cause in the end you might just get hurt. Distract yourself, hang out with your friends, explore the world and go out and meet new people.

    • Wow... something similar happened to me this last year. Meat a girl we both fell in love but after 7 months she left me for her ex then a couple of months later she came back asking me for another chance and I gave it to her then a week later she broke my heart again by dumping me and since then we've been strangers and even when I tried reaching out she kept slamming on me. It's hard getting over her because I have never been so much in love and haven't felt anything like that before but I do know that I don't deserve to be treated like that.
      So I don't know it's hard getting over a situation like that.

    • That's mostly how it happened between my ex and I and I knew better than to go back to him but I did it anyways and got hurt. It was hard but I took baby steps and even though I saw his face like everyday I just acted like he didn't exist and then he came chasing after me. I've healed now and I don't think he deserves me at all, its like the little things I asked him to do he couldn't even do just small stuff. Plus I'm getting old and would like to invest in dating older guys but for now since I'm going into my 3rd year of high school I really just want like a guy friend nothing special just a guy friend. That's pretty much how I was with my ex in love, and I let him chew me up and spit me out. Your not alone I didn't deserve to be treated that way either by the way my ex treated me, he treated me like dirt. He could make time for his friends and all but what I didn't understand was that he couldn't make time for me and plus I didn't even ask for a lot.

  • Keep yourself busy, get closure, do something that makes you happy, for me what helps is volunteering at a rest home, it's actually pretty fun, especially because it's easy to find someone who you care about without it having to be romancy. I'm sorry if things aren't going well for you.

    • Okay well I am quite busy this week because I go back into military training but that will keep me occupied and I will do that it helps the elderly and I have total respect for you for liking after them :) and Thankyou it means a lot

    • My pleasure. Also, when you do drills get motivation from extra emotion, I do the same thing when I run. If you ever need to vent or whatever just hit me up.

    • I will do and I always have in my head "it's not for me it's for my country" that keeps me going and I deffo will do

  • Try to be busy all the time by doing things u like , hanging out with friends , working or whatever just to get ur mind a way of thinking in her , try to find another girl , in time u'll move on

  • Just try your best to stop thinking about her, she occupy yourself with things that you enjoy doing and maybe try to find another girl? :)

  • I usually just think,

    Well if I was that important and really meant something to them that they wouldn't break up with me and it's probably good that they did because honestly I'd rather it now than the future where things get more serious and I'm thinking about actually starting a family with the guy. They don't always do it for the best but more selfish reasons you could say. Then after some logical tv I usually snuggle in my couch and listen to some 90's love song's or slow jams and watch friends, that usually does the trick for me.


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