She needs time to think of break up?

I have been to a relationship for 4 years. 3 years that we live together. Now she is on holiday and she told me that she needs time to think about us. She is gone for one month and I stayed hier because money. She gives al the fault on me, I caused everything and didn't give her enough attention and love and joy.
If she is going tobbreak up with me , then I will in the same house that we build it together. I will have all the feelings and memory of us being together. It Hurts me really much of thinking that we would be together. She will move on to a new place and me.
She is also an ex patient of post traumatic stress disorder , she gets really upset of every small things. She broke up 4 time before but I convinced her to stay. This is her 5th time that wants to break up.
Should I give her up? Should I fight for our home and our love?

I need some advice , because I am completely alone.


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  • Hey, first of all you are NOT alone. And I will try to help you the BEST way i can! :)

    I would figure after the 3rd time its probably best to move on, but since you've gotten back with her 5 times now, I know you must be feeling some type of love for this women. I suggest you talk things through with her and get to the route of the problem as to why she wants to break up. Especially now that she has been gone for a month. She could be seeing another person, which is probably something you don't want.
    So my advice to you is to, call her up, see hows she's doing and tell her how you feel! And from there you can decided on whether or not its best to stay with her.. or go your separate ways
    i hope this helps..

    • Thank you EscapismX and countrygirls0101:
      I talked to her 2 days ago and I told her about my feelings and I told her that I love her but she told me to "MAN UP" , She knows how I feel about her but reacted like that I can't live without her and thought i might hurt myself. In this case my love was a weakness for me , I felt like she is using against me. If I contact her and tell her how I feel , then she might use it against me. If don't then she might think , I don't care about her.
      I know her mother really well , is it good to discuss it her and tell her about my feeling or not?
      Thank you

    • Then i would suggest you talk to her mom. Although her mom will be a little biased with her answer because well, its her daughter. So talk to her mom. And whatever advice she gives you talk it into consideration!(and get back to me if you're still confused?) Don't come off as if you're complaining or as if you're desperate, because that can change her answer.
      To be honest, i don't see anything you're doing wrong. Maybe she just wants you to toughen up a bit. Dont be to hard on yourself though.

  • Sometimes when a girl says she needs time to think it means she wants to think and she wants to see if you really care about her. Send her a good morning or good night text. You can prove to her that you are always going to be there for her.


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