Why is he doing this and what's the motive?

Ex says he loves and misses me but for my birthday I didn't even hear from him. He's the one who broke up with me quietly without an answer and now wants keep contact?


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  • uhmm just go by how he treats you, if he doesn't treat you right then ditch him. not saying hapy bday is a good sign he doesn't give enough fucks and should be forgotten

    • It's confusing because right before this he sends a text saying I love you and miss you. Then around fourth of July he says Happy 4th bby. So is he trying to get my attention or saying something but I just ignore all the signs until he can open up with explanations.

What Girls Said 1

  • He either wants you to feel like you need him, or he honestly thought it was another day, or he could have not told you happy birthday because he had nothing to give and felt like you deserved more. Did he show any more signs

    • He's message me twice last week within 3 days one said Hey bby? I love you and then one day goes by he says I love you, I miss you and I explain how I felt. He said Awww muah let me get back to work and I go okay. This was couple days before my birthday and on my birthday I don't hear nothing from him. I think he might want to get back together but is scared to express his feeling and looking for me to start it off. I have no idea but he keeps sending me these message every couple of days and I don't know what to do besides leave him alone until I hear something.

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