Should I even bother apologizing to my ex bf?

I dated my bf long distance for 6 months. We msgd and skyped all the time. But when I went to the states for a 3 month solo backpacking trip, the huge time difference meant we could only message for about 10 min or so a day but skyping was hard due to wifi issues.

We had a massive fight during the end of my first month away and due to the limited talking time, it dragged on for weeks. The biggest issue was he never wanted to solve our issues but rather pretend that everything was ok coz he wanted things by the way us to be amazing again. I couldn't do that and it made me incredibly upset.

During our last call, he treated me so poorly and he said that he didn't feel like talking about our issues and that he couldn't do anything to fix the situation even though it was something easily fixable if he tried! He didn't try hard enough to make our relationship work and was convinced I was just creating drama and in the wrong.

I broke up with him during that fight but it was a few days before his uni exam. I didn't intentionally break it off before his exam, it had slipped out of my mind during that fight. I feel terrible about the timing and sent him an email apologising about it but he never contacted me. A month later, I emailed him asking if he could send me something of mine that I left at his place and he sent back a hurtful message saying that I deserve nothing from him coz of my selfishness. I sent another email apologising that I had hurt him but he never replied.

Since this all happened while I was away I'm not sure whether I should just leave things the way they are. Now that I'm home I feel like apologising through Skype would be better and perhaps end things on a less sour note. But then again he doesn't seem to want to talk and possibly still thinks I'm in the wrong for creating drama and problems. So i'm not sure whether to contact him again...

What do you suggest I should do?


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  • I think the best thing is to give him time, lots of time. What happened sucked, but you didn't know, you didn't intentionally hurt him! But one thing that is true about all of us, that is unfortunately engineered into us, is our lack of logical thinking when we are hurting. When we are upset with people, that hurt drives our actions even if they are unjustified. Just give him time! When he's ready, he will contact you. You have made an effort, now I would suggest just trying to move on and live your life. Good luck girl!


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  • personally i suggest that you don't say anything else, you want to apologize but he doesn't want to listen so apologizing now would only serve to make you feel a little better not him, the best thing to do is to consider him a part of your past now and move on with your life.

  • That blows. I was in a similar situation and I think you did everything you can. Be respectful, anger can make anyone say stupid things they do not mean. Stay cool and it will be fine.


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