They all told me she wanted me back then she rejects me?

I recently left my third girlfriend after my first ex. To clarify the ex I wanted to get back together with was my first girlfriend and I had three girlfriends after her. I decided none of these girls I met were family material and their personality didn't click with mine and there was absolutely no connection at all. There was also times in bed when I felt disguisted because it wasn't my ex. I went back to my ex and we talked it felt like we were picking up where we left off. There was nothing wrong with her I broke up with her because I was curious of my options. I did picture a life with her and she was the only one that met my family. Before I decided to make a move on her I did my fair share of research and ask around on what she still thought of me and if she was interested in anyone else. Their answers were nope she is single because she wants you back. So to me that was clarification that she wanted me back as well along with her flirting back and acting like we never broke up. On our third date I told her how I felt and how I could make up for loss time if she gave me a chance. Then I made a move to kiss her in which she took a step back and I could tell she resisted the urge to slap or punch me. I didn't understand what wrong. If feelings were mutual then how can she just do that? She then left inside her house and knew I did drink a small bit that night so she let me sleep on her couch. I tried to talk to her the next morning but she avoided me and said she needed some space so I had to go. What the hell went wrong? What does she mean?


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  • Just because everyone else was telling you the possibility of her MAYBE getting back with isn't always true unless she actually told someone that she wanted to. Her reaction is kinda valid because you just stepped back in her life


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  • say goodbye to her buddy, she is playing you for a fool.


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