Ex interested in a new girl already?

I know i should't care but I can't help but not to, especially since I broke up with him..

But it seems like he's moved on and its only been a week since we broke up.
He found a new interest and it really makes me question if he even ever cared about me as much as he said he did during the relationship and how in the world can someone possibly move on so quick?

All he can talk about on Twitter is "Wheres my bae" and just all about her, nothing about the breakup and it's so weird idk.

How can i get over this?


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  • I like your ex already, he knows how to deal with things. Here's my opinion. Instead of caring and grieving over something that's already been done, just move on, accept what happened, and begin the next day with a smile. There's no need to lament on the past to create problematic days. He probably did love you as much as he said, after all, you're the one that broke up with him not him.

    I don't know what to tell you to get over this, but just let time go by and forget about him. Why worry so much about the person you didn't want a relationship with anymore.

    • So true, okay. Thank you!

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  • First off, stop thinking or worrying about him. You won't move on as long as you do. Who cares what he is doing. Clearly you are still hung up on him. You broke up with him. Is he supposed to sit around forever and pine over you? He is picking up his life and moving on. I would suggest you do the same. Do it in your own way.
    He has moved on for whatever reason. If you thought you would shatter his world and he would chase after you, I guess its time to live with your actions.

  • It's what guys do. You broke up with him, so he's gonna go nail as much strange as he can for a while.

    You know. Get back on the horse that threw you off.

    Don't take it personally. You told him you didn't need him any more. What he does with other women shouldn't affect you at all. Move on and be happy.

    Yeah. Right. Like that's easy to do. you probably still have left over feelings for him even if it didn't work out. That's gotta suck big time. Speaking of time though. That's the prescription for most things like this. Just let it age and whatever bothers you will dull until it's all cool and something else catches your eye. Either that or go nail some strange. :-)


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