Why would you argue for hours on phone with your ex?

Why would someone literally stay arguing on the phone with their ex about anything and everything yet claim they want nothing to do with them?


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  • I don't know, sounds like the fact that they can't get out of each others lives. It's dumb. I wouldn't give up any of my time to sit there and fight with an ex over anything.

    • Neither would I :)

    • Thanks for most helpful =]

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  • Omg my roommate did it once and I hated him for that. Literally 3 hours of arguing and he says he doesn't want her back and she's a *****.

    It's not me, and I hate that. Don't know why a lot of people do it, it's annoying

    • It's very annoying. The fact they say they don't want them back is just contradictory to their actions.

  • Because you saw peeps of the opposite gender in a snap chap of ur significant other. Ridiculous, but I've seen it happen to a friend I was rooming with.

    • Wow. Doesn't take much to start a fight does it?

    • Apparently not. And it went on for hours!

  • because if they did it in person someone might end up in jail?

    I don't know why people who can't get along hang out let alone date each other.


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