Please help me to understand my ex, it's driving me crazy?

Here it is in a nutshell:
1) BF of 7 mos dumps me suddenly after getting close. Break up followed him getting jealous of an old boyfriend.
2) two week later, he started contacting me and wanting to hang out. Made plans to meet up then he also invited me to a pool party.
3) went to party, lots of guys were hitting on me, my ex looked annoyed and the next day cxld our plans to meet up and signed off "Ill be in touch - see ya!".
I did NOT flirt back with these guys (friends of mine at the party confirmed this). Guys can you shed some light on this? Have you ever acted this way before? I have a hard time believing he cxld because he wasn't interested considering the circumstances...


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  • I'd say your boy's too insecure, he's jealous and has trust issues which suggest a very low self-esteem and I would take it that you outshine him. Just leave him be, the kid's got to know that it isn't acceptable to treat a lady as he did.


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  • He's jealous and not very bright about it. Seriously, what kind of jealous guy invite his ex gf (that he clearly still feels for) to a pool party?

    Do you want him back? Because if not the solution is easy.

    • He's very unstable - he's still getting over his divorce so there's a red flag right there. I am not going to dabble with exes again - he was no prize anyway. You're very cute, too bad you live in Canada;)

  • He has serious jealousy issues. Not my style. He probably will never change. He wants to control what men are in your life before him and forever forward. Most likely he wants no men in your life but him, and probably can't even handle that you had a life before him.
    I wouldn't waste anymore time on him. Sounds like nothing but unhappiness will be found with him.

  • Didn't you ask about this already?

    Just drop him. He's your ex, stop worrying about ex's and find new men... They're ex's for a reason


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  • He's a jackass. he's also afraid of commitment and wants to play the field but also wants you to pine for him in case he decides he's played the field long enough and wants to get back together. Honestly, you might just be his backup to the life he really wants right now.

    I'd move on and find someone who wants the same things as I do - in this case, as you do.

    Good luck =)


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