Should I end this friendship with my ex?

we were in relation then after brake up ( he is the dumper ) saying he is not ready for a serious relation , we became friends , we have been friends for 3 months he always start to talk we tell each other everything sometimes he calls me sweety , I think it's not appropriate ! I'm thinking of ending this friendship Am I doing the write thing also I think he is in other relation? should I delete him from my life or little contact at occasions? I feel it's hard but I wanna move on


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  • Never be friends with an ex. I gave up 3 years of my life chasing after a girl I already lost, and when I did finally tell her that I still had feelings for her it did not end well.

    It sucks but the only way to get over somebody that you had those kind of feelings for is space and time. Distance to forget about the person and enough time to pass that you start to forget how you felt about the person.

    • yea it sucks because I still have feelings and pretend to be a friend so yea Distance is better..

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