Why does my ex confuse me so much :( he rang me up a few days ago and he said things like?

'If i got with a new guy it would hurt him '
' me and him didn't want the break up to happen'
'He still cares about me '
' he wanted to see me the next day '
I was being cold towards him because i am hurt and he was saying ' so are you never going to text me again? '

The next day he was silent i never got a text so i asked what was up and he turned cold and said that we won't get back together again and we live different lives now and that he will stop texting me and i shoulf stop talking to him..

I dont understand why he acted like he cared then shut me out the next day :(

We been apart three months.. he always seems to shut me out come back out the blue talk to me for so long turm vicious shutme out again then talk again can someone give me advice on why he's doing this and what i should do xx


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  • I think he might have realized he made a mistake in leaving you. I also think he has been harsh in his reactions to you. I think you need to move on here. This guy has some issues he needs to address on his own. Let him be and move on. Please don't get hung up on him, He kind of wants to be with you but he kind of doesn't. That is not fair to you. Please don't get me wrong here. He seems like a good guy but he is stuck right now. If you want to fight through this mess then all the power to you. I say you need to say goodbye. He is just a friend now that you once loved. No games! Be strong! Move on. I hope my answer is not to harsh. I'm just saying I was there once. I suffered from it. I need you to understand it's about YOU! YOU need to be happy sunshine! :) I hope this helped a little. Cheers and good luck!

    • Should i ignore him if he texts me again? And do you think the things he said were genuine? I don't know i dont trust him :(

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  • Ok... he will always care about you.

    But at the same times needs to disconnect if he is to move on. Somedays things get a little over his head and he will think of you and wanna talk to you.

    And others he is strong...

    It is a period of disconnection and you both need to try and move on.

    I went and seen my ex last night cos I missed her... and now I remember why I left her...
    He is just finding his footing, don't read into it so much:)

  • You just broke up... you're going through the withdrawal stage


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