Losing sleep over a recent break up. She lied and deceived me and admitted to it. Won't apologize. It's killing me... how do I move on?

Her and I were serious... lasted 6 months. She was caught wanting attention from another man. Said it was playful and nothing serious. I play second to no one, bye bye lady. I still find myself dealing with a sense of loss and pain.


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  • Really six months isn't that long, you'll get over it.


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  • I understand! It's hard whenever a relationship ends. It's going to take some time to move on. Plus! Why does she want attention with other guys if she has you. It seems like she's not honest and doesn’t know what she wants. You should keep busy and move on with your life. There are many fishes in the sea. That's good that you don’t play second to anyone. Good luck!!


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