How do I get over a guy who avoids me?

its making me sick, im really depressed that he doesn't want to hang out with me. I can't message him because he glares at me when he sees me in person.
  • maybe try to message him
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  • look for him around more
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Most Helpful Guy

  • This question has too many holes in it to answer correctly. Why did you break up? If you did something to anger him such as cheat you may never get him back. Men can hold grudges longer than women can in that respect. If he did the breaking up for other reasons then it still may be a while before he builds up to being to talk to you. I have no contact with any of my exes and prefer it that way despite some wanting to be friends. I am not spiteful or anything it's just that after a relationship with a woman i find it hard to maintain a close or any bond rather. One thing is sure though if you pressure him and nag then he will never talk. Give him space and just see what happens.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Neither option - if he is making it clear he isn't interested, then he isn't interested. The only way to attract positive attention is to work on self-improvement.

    As for dealing with an uninterested person, there are heaps of questions on here already dealing with that :)

    • How do I improve I feel worthles

    • You are not worthless, if you keep believing you're worthless, then improving yourself is not going to work.

    • I mean self improvement in the forms of taking regular exercise, taking care of yourself, reconnecting with close female friends and family... distracting yourself from the pain but building yourself stronger so that you have better resources to deal with new life problems.

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What Guys Said 2

  • Like the other guy said, provide some details..

    How do you get over someone? You decide that, no magical answer. You move on with your life, find things to occupy your time, or think about it 24/7 and feel shitty.


  • Why is your only option getting over him? What happened to you making the moves? Maybe that's what he's waiting for?


What Girls Said 3

  • OMG girl I have so been there! I've been in your shoes twice and I know its hard to do but honestly the best thing is just distract yourself, get your mind somewhere else, and let time pass. Seriously, pick up a new hobby or interest, this may help you meet someone really great. Second idea is this... This is going to sound messed up but if you aren't selfish about it, its not a terrible way to get over someone. Try convincing yourself to be interested in someone else that you know is into you. (Like a guy you know likes you, or is at least interested in getting to know you) Give him a shot, he may be really great. Either way it will distract you. Dont lead them on by any means because that's just not cool and will put them in the same situtaion you are in right now. All in all it would do you more bad than good. But have fun in exploring this new possible relationship or even friendship. It will get your mind off the other guy and you may find you really like your new companion whether it be a person or a hobby. Hey and as a bonus, your new found interest in this other thing may may make the guy you are getting over jeolous or possibly more interested in you. Key thing though in getting over someone is moving on even if you aren't moving on to someone else, just dont let them know you miss them, let them see you strong and in retrun, you wlll feel strong and then you will feel better about everything. Hope all my ramblings can help : )

  • If he is avoiding you and dont want to hang out with you, it may be that he's not interested. Let him go and move on

  • make yourself busy.. like your hobbies.. be indulge with your hobbies


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