What do you do when you still like your ex?

What do you do when you still like your ex after being broke up for over 3 months... I can't help it I just can't shake him, I don't want to like him at all! but I can't help it. what do I do? how do I get over him :(


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  • Just because couples break up, doesn't mean it's not possible to---Make up, and just remain friends. Many couples find, that after the split, they can come back into one another's lives and------Get along better as friends than when they were hooked at the hip.
    This may not be the road you wish to take, perhaps the friends factor isn't for you. And you May just want him out of your life Completely. However, with history together, comes the beat of your hurting heart, and That may take a long time to heal.
    It's been just '3 months,' so the wounds are still fresh. And if he hasn't contacted you then apparently he has moved on. You need to do the same, if you have no intentions of getting back in touch with him to do a friends finding, which many times, for the sake of talking here, ends up a Friends with benefits factor instead. However, some Exes find that's Okay with them, and sometimes make it work. And of course, there are other times, it fails, for feelings get in the way. It can get complicated...
    Right now Your Feelings are still in the way of moving on. There's no little button that will make you erase the sting within yourself, but as they say, time heals all wounds. In time, each day will get a little better, and after awhile, the memories may still linger, but the longing will eventually go away. And if it sometimes creeps up when you least expect it, it only lasts a few minutes, easier to deal with.
    When you're ready, might I suggest getting together with friends, go out. Staying in only makes you feel more sheltered, depressed. It would do your heart good to just get out of the house.
    I feel for you... One way or another many of us have been through it And have---Lived through it, some of us to tell about it.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Acknowledge and accept the truth that if you were fully compatible, the relationship would have endured. And avoid recurring thoughts of "what ifs". Give yourself time to grieve and time to come to terms with the breakup.

    In the meantime, immerse yourself in other interests and novel hobbies. And more importantly, socialize. As dwelling and reflecting upon the past tends to occur when one is alone for long periods of time.

  • remember why you guys broke up. remind yourself of the issues in the relationship.

    you essentially have a romanticized view of him. you remember the passion, happiness, etc. this is natural as humans but we have to remind ourselves of the entire scope of a relationship.


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  • It all depends on how long you were dating him and how involved you were. I am older than you and ended a 2 year relationship with a man who had so many issues there is no good reason why I should still have feelings for him and it's not been 6 months. I just started dating a few other guys and that has helped a lot. I know you've been told this before but it really is true. The best way to get over someone (even though this doesn't mean you will stop thinking about them right away) is to work on yourself. Find something you want to do or something you want to improve whether it's health, making new friends, new groups, new activities that keep you busy and when you are ready date someone else. But date someone who gives you that spark again not just anyone. Considering you are under 18 it's harder but trust me if you are still meant to be together and he sees you moving on and enjoying life it can make a huge difference.


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