Guys, please tell me how you would have handled this situation?

My ex and I dated for 7 months and he broke up with me -he was depressed and still not over his ex wife. He is a full time musician and, when we were dating, I connected him with a VERY famous musician that is a family friend. I went out of my way to really hook him up. He started contacting me after we broke up and wanted to hang out - we went to a party and the next day he texted me to cxl our hang out plans that weekend and said he'll "be in touch". I replied with "ok but please just be honest if you've reconsidered" and he said "let's touch base next week". Never heard from him. I don't want to be vengeful here but he has so many gigs lined up for the next 6 mos because of me! Honestly, I did nothing terrible here! I don't deserve this treatment. Why would he treat me like this knowing I really helped him with his career? Guys, how would you have dealt with this?


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  • So helped him and he is now ignoring u. may be bcos of works. Talk to him taht u want him badly. now or never. If he really respecys u he will be with u soon otherwise...


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