What am I to do? Do I tell the truth or pretend?

Okay I've been with the same guy for 3 years now. We are engaged and have a son together. Now i guess we are on a brake because he is confused on what he wants. He tells me he loves me everyday we are now having sex. We set. Rules for this brake and mines been broken and i only know this because i broke his. Mine was no gfs his was no going through his phone.. well he has been dating this girl less than 24hours of us going on brake. He tells me we will work it out and he loves me but then tells his new gf that im fat and ugly and she knows we live together but doesn't know we are working shit out or that we still sleep in the same bed. And for some reason she wants to talk to me... what do i do. I want to tell her the truth but i want to work things out. Help?


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  • Dump his sorry ass and tell the girl the truth.

    He doesn't respect and won't change. He is telling her you are FAT AND UGLY.

    Dump him and get custody of the kid.


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