Girls, do you use mutual friends to make your ex jealous?

I was with this girl for 8 years. She had to live abroad, we were going to get married.

She broke up with me, and I know it was my fault.

I dissapeared 2 weeks from FB, she asked for me to a mutual friend, even stalked me on a video game. She even post related things to me on FB. Last thing she did was a post "Im not the kind of girl who says I love you, I say you're an idiot with a smile. If I call you an idiot, you're a lucky man"

Her sister commented that and said "but you call idiot half the people you know" and she replied "haha you fucked my indirect"

I thought it was directed to me, because she used to call me idiot and I loved it, and she knew it. But I had my doubts so I asked this mutual friend if he could ask her. He chatted with her and he said "Hey, that really looks directed to him" and she replied "hmmm. that was not for him x_x" .

When my friend asked "so, whos then?" she changed the topic.

I dont know, she even tried to know if i had another fb account because I dissapeared. I already deleted our photos but she hasn't and Im wondering, if there's someone else interested in her why she would keep those photos (very romantic photos). I as man, know that If im interested in a girl would check her FB profile and her photos.

I really would like to think she's not having a rebound relationship, because we broke up last month. And weve been together for 8 years! We were about to get married and I know it was my lack of commitment what destroyed our relationship...

Im 70% she knows this mutual friend is giving me all the info she says, and I dont know if she said that because of that reason, why would she do that? To hurt me?


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  • yes.. she want to make you jealous.. you've together for 8 years.. she hasn't passed over this relationship... i think she still loves you..


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