How do I get my ex out of my mind or at least get it to where I'm not thinking about her so much?

I dated my ex-girlfriend for a better part of a year. She broke up with me about 6 months ago. Towards the end of our relationship she said she loved me. About three weeks after that she broke it off with me saying she doesn't feel the same way I do about her. I thought that was odd. We had no contact for about a month after that, then I initiated a text to her just asking how it was going. We just texted for about a week, when I started asking her what went wrong and caused her to end the relationship. She got mad, and we stopped talking for about two months again. A couple of weeks ago we started texting again, and the past relationship was brought up again, and she eventually called me mad saying we are only going to be friends or just acquaintances. I, being mad myself at that time, responded that being acquaintances would be just fine with me on the phone. A day later I tried texting her apologizing for getting upset on the phone, but that I was having a hard time not knowing what exactly ended our relationship and was struggling to not dwell on the past relationship, but she has blocked my number now, which might actually be best for me in forgetting her. It's been approx. a month since then, and I haven't even tried to contact her so I don't even know if she still has me blocked. Unfortunately, I still think of her and still want to reconcile, but I guess it doesn't get anymore direct in her blocking my number though.

I obviously still care for my ex, but my question is whether or not there would be any hope of reconciling back into another romantic relationship with her at this point? If not, what are some good ways to keep from thinking about her? Have any girls on here done something similar to this? For some reason this girl lingers in my head and is hard to stop thinking about. lol



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  • To be completely honest, I know it's cliche, but you've gotta move on. The damage is done, but the Earth's got another 7 billion people to communicate with.


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