After a clean break up; Can it work again?

My girlfriend and I of exactly one year split up today on mutual terms, except after we agreed on breaking up we both just hugged each other, cried, laughed a little at really bad jokes I made, and kissed some for about an hour and a half. It was sort of like we were two good friends, mourning the loss of our relationship. In other words, it was a clean break up, albeit very emotional. She told me she would always love me and we agreed that we would miss each other a ton.

We broke up because the relationship wasn't doing too well. We were on different 'pages' and hadn't really been happy with the relationship (even though we both still loved each other and were happy with each other) for a while. Things had just been sort of weird and too much drama made it kind of impossible to keep going. On Monday she goes away for a month, coming back a day before high school starts again. She said she would text me when she got home.

I guess what I want to know is if anyone has had an experience similar to this; a clean break up to a messy relationship where both people love and miss each other but the relationship wasn't working out, and then after a period of time, the two people get back together? I know I can make it without her, but I just had such a great time in our relationship that I want the good times to keep going with her. What's the point of being without the person you love if you can make it work?


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  • Hi there. Sure it can work again. Sometimes people just need a little time and space. Even if she starts dating someone new if you leave her alone and let it end naturally then there is a good chance you'll see her again. Relax and find something to occupy your time until then.


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  • It can work. And from the looks of it, you might get her back.

  • if the love is there, you will get her back

  • It can but it's not likely


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