Not sure if this is a phase or if I'm just not ready for a relationship?

I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for a couple of months now, he's lovely and I couldn't fault him. At the start of the relationship we went on lovely cute dates and I really enjoyed it but since then he's had no money so most of the time it's meant just going to his house.

He's the first guy I've been with since I broke up with my ex who I was in a long term relationship with in January. Since January I had just enjoyed being single and meeting new people etc. The relationship between me and my current boyfriend mainly just started because I thought why not and when I was at his house he just changed the relationship status on Facebook..

Just recently I've been thinking a lot about me and him and I'm just not that happy, it upsets me because he's a great guy and I care about him but I keep doubting us. Whenever we're together he says how he's crazy about me and thinks we will be together for a long time but I just think to myself i can't see that at all... :/

Can someone help me out? I don't know what to do for the best.


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  • Money issues suck. Tell him that the two of you need to have a serious talk, and it's okay if you don't come up with answers.

    Well, before that, pin down exactly what about the situation is making you unhappy, and think if there is a reasonable way to correct it with this really nice guy.

    If his job sucks, maybe he needs to look at finding the best way possible to start moving up to something else.

    Maybe it's as easy as finding a social group that works for both of you, but then again, maybe that's not that easy. Especially if you're an extrovert, and he's a heavy introvert. Sometimes you have to drag us outside to see sunlight. :)


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