Why does my fiancé want space & no contact even though it's a 'break'?

Why would me fiancé ask for space & no contact (until she contacts me) after we have a break in the relationship?


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  • Because, it's a break. Most people try to avoid each other to sort through yourselves, and whatever made you decide to go on a break in the first place. Being around each other doesn't do a very good job of allowing people to look at it with a clear mind. And, let me guess, she was the one who told she needed the break, while you didn't want one? That's why she wants to be the first to contact you. Because, she's the one who needs to think through things.

    • Yes, she was the one who instigated the break off & said no contact.

      It's very painful, difficult & hard to deal with each day knowing I can't just text her like I used to.

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    • Thank you.

    • You're welcome. And, best of luck to you.

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  • dude your first problem is the break did you guys make an agreement for this damn break do you know for sure she's not off fucking other dudes?

    • Yeah we made an agreement (although if I'm honest it was more her decision & I kind of just went along with it.)

      I did insist that we try again (not necessarily straight away) & that I would work on my anger issue.

      I just feel she's being so f*cking stubborn.

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    • Exactly. She's told her best friend that 'we' decided to separate for the time being but with space & contact being a condition. I never actually said to her that I am happy to separate, it just seems to be 'her way & that's it.'

      I have said to her a million & one times how sorry I am & that it was a genuine accident & that it will never happen again. I have even offered to seek anger management for the outburst & she seems pleased that I'm doing that.

    • Dude from my point of view this might be a good thing she seems like she has you on lock down it sounds like she's wearing the pants in this i doubt you want to have to deal with her single sided decisions for the rest of your life I don't know really think that over during this break is this really the kind of shit you want to deal with for the rest of your life? if you're settling for her than move on

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