Me and my boyfriend just got back together but im still getting the cold treatment?

So what do I do? He accepted me back and he hugged and kissed me and said he loved me and would always be there for me just I had to not do the things I was doing before. I was being to controlling. I promised not to be that way any more and he took me back but he said we are back together for now. At first he didn't want to take me back.
Does that mean he is giving me time to prove to him I can change? He says he still loves me so its not that he lost interest. He did not text me yesterday when we got back together I texted him this morning waiting for a response. Is it normal he didn't start texting me like we used to right away? Before I left he also said he would always be there for me what does that mean?


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  • Yeah I kinda did this with one girl because the feelings were still there, but the resent for her was still present. It didn't last, we completely broke up not long after.


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  • It means you are still in dumpville and there is no chance you are getting outta there, he is keeping you interested and around till he finds the next best thing, in other words, move on.

  • You have to back off and act like you don't care. Show him that you did change by backing off, I know the D is good girl, but relax for a minutr and give him that lalala treatment. Be be a real nigga about it. Lemme know how it goes.


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