Why would a guy who dumped you still stay in touch with a family member?

I'm asking this because I'm really stressed out about this whole situation, I still love my ex with all my heart, but the way he dumped me was very mean.

After the break up I went into NC (also to heal myself) and deleted FB and changed my number to avoid contact from him.

After 10 days of NC he put a handwritten letter in my mailbox and tried calling once on Skype at 2am (while he deleted me from there) I ignored this

A week ago he sent my mom a text to "remind" me of a doctors appointement I had he was going to bring me to (Like I would forget)

And now 2 days ago (24 days NC) he sent my mom a text to ask how it went, and after that he started sending huge texts about how he still is thinking of me a lot, how he is heartbroken and stuff...

He dumped ME, and I understand my mom is the only way he can comunicate, but why does he do that? I repeat that HE dumped ME... Sigh.

Thanks :)


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  • Alright, this is a loaded question and the outcome depends on info that is not visible. For starters, why did he dump you? How did he do it? Why does he have your moms number and how cool is he with her? Why does your mom talk to him? What do you want out of this, do you want to get back with him or do you want it all to end?

    Answer these so I can help you better..

    • Ok thanks.. Well he dumped me basically via Messenger (why I deleted FB) saying he would rent a van to return my stuff which he hasn't. He dumped me because of things he knew before starting a Relationship with me which doesn't make any sense (like sleeping with a guy he dislikes before I even knew him) and because I was texting with an ex during our Relationship, he found out but said to never do it again and I didn't, that was 8 months ago and we haven't talked about it since then, now all of a sudden he comes up with those reasons to break up. My mom always liked him, they started having contact on the phone because I didn't want to talk to him after the break up and he was still my boss (i worked for him) so she needed to talk to him because of my workingpapers. He contacts her, so she just replies... I still love him but don't know what to think anymore

    • Wow okay, this is heading really fast towards a shitfest. Okay monamour, send me a private message, I really don't want to speculate on a public board as this might be sensitive info. But do tell me this in your message- How old is he? How old are you? How old is your mom? How is he your boss? What do you mean by working papers? How long did you work for him and how long after did you 2 started sleeping together?

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