Out of the blue... from ex n... her friend?

My ex broke up with me for someone else 3 years ago ( we have never been fd on fb even my ex wanted me to be on my fd list ) n our mutual friend who persuaded me to go for the relatioship ( i deleted her fb two years ago after seeing her real face.. she betrayed me for work benefit as my ex has been her manager) just added my fb out of the blue without seeing each others or contact for a year... i am wondering is it purely coincidence?

Relationship between me n ex ended in bad term.. same as the friendship with the gf... i didn't reli talk to them for three years even we three were in same office n had work contact... The day i left my old company.. they tried so hard finding excuses talk to me email me and even calling long distance to ask me stupid questions as they were abroad for biz trips... ex showed so concerning where i go next blah blh blah.. when i gave ex cold shoulder... she got annoyed and said why i m i still treating her like this even i need to leave...

but right now they appear again after no connection after a year... it was the gf of us added my fb at 2am out of the blue without amy msg.. i message her asking not sure why u r adding me but hope u r doing well... no feedback..

after a week.. my ex added me.. i message her same msg.. no feedback too..

They read my msg.. but no replies no actions..

Are they looking for sth?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Your were very nice and responded well to the situation... why dont you live your life the way it was without bodering yourself with the reply?

    Ignor it and answer when and if you want to, otherwise just live on as if nothing ever chanhed, dont let them disturb you!


What Guys Said 1

  • Listen up bud, they both are testing to check if you are still the same gullible dimwit or have you evolved, women do these things subconsciously usually, but in your case its intentional. Your clue should be them adding you but no message response. Wanna make them eat their own shit? Delete or make your fb completely private, delete them and disappear... now watch the magic happen, you can thank me later.


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