I am struggling with "power trip" broke up with my bf, and now I am sad that I can't take it back? he seems to be doing alright.. do I give it time?

i took my fb down so he doesn't see me, i am so hurt and i am trying i feel like at the end i cared more, he is stagnant. i want him to know i am so hurt.. but i can't because he doesn't seem hurt, i know you would advice to move in bla bla but its hard WE ALL BEEN THERE! i have to make a trip to NY, i was planning on putting my fb back when i do and post pics of me being happy!, its usually when u show u don't care that they go after you. i am seriously heart broken though guys give me input please


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  • I just got dumped about two months ago. Its terrible I felt as though it came out of no where. I still dont know why she left. And I still miss her. she's been hot and cold towards me since we broke up. One minute she was calling saying "I miss You", or texting me telling me to have a good day. When I did the same she would tell me she needs time and space.
    Another time she's texting me and I ignore her completely next thing I know she texts me again asking "So are we not talking anymore" So I reply yes i still want to talk but I've been busy to give her time and space.
    I start hanging out with my friends get tagged in stuff on FB, then she her status' change to what amazing weekend she had hows she's loving life, etc. she liked a few of my posts/pics when I did the same on hers she ends up blocking me...
    I wish I knew what my ex was thinking, wonder if she misses me, if she's with someone else, etc. I miss her a lot!
    In your situation, he probably has a group of friends that are taking him out and showing him a good time, thats what my friends have been doing with me. Im having fun but it doesn't mean I dont care about her, or that I dont think about her, Or that I dont want to call her. Its been 2 months and I still think about her before I go to bed and when I wake up.


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  • Just because he looks emotionless to you does not mean he is crying inside. Some people just do not like to show emotions. If you stalk him and see that he still goes on his regular life happily then you should find yourself a new man.

    • RIGHT.. so show that I care and want him, take the risk of being slapped in the face with " no thanks" that will be worse

    • Okay so mope around let time get wasted. It is your life go waste your time then.

  • This is my area of expertise (read my profile) but I am confused... what is the outcome you are looking for? If you are too shy to say here, send me a message but make it clear... WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT? Spell it out and I will get you where you need to be :)

  • dont get back with him if you can't conquer the fort once then dont try again. also he may look like he is doing okay but he may be really upset on the inside and not showing his feelings


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