This doesn't feel right, but is this normal?

I just broke up with my boyfriend after 10 months being together. I feel like this isn't real. It's not settling right in my heart and I feel like i shouldn't have done what i did. I didn't do anything to possibly upset him i just felt like that maybe he was moving too fast. He would criticize me about things and sometimes would treat me as if i couldn't fend for myself. I felt i needed a break and a new start since im going off to college at CSU Northridge. He no longer made me happy. Yet i recall all the amazing times with him after i went to his house to break the news. Do you have any suggestions on moving past this? I feel like im a criminal.


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  • 100% normal. Everyone worries after big decisions that they did the wrong thing. I'd recommend finding a (potentially new) hobby to work hard at, or going out more often with your female friends. Basically bury yourself in fun (constructive) stuff that doesn't involve him or thoughts of him.

  • Its completely normal, dont even worry. You dont really miss him, just the things you two did which come naturally with any guy you care about. Find another guy you love and you will make more times like the ones you remember


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