Why did my ex block me on fb when we weren't friends?

We were in a ldr for 6 months. During the last month he did things that hurt me a lot but he never really understood how I felt and always ran away from solving any issues as he just wanted us to forget our issues and be happy. We fought a lot as a result and he felt as though I was upset unnecessarily. I was on the verge of ending it several times and he knew that. This was the best relationship we both have ever been in and really thought there was a future. He didn't want to break up but when I suggested it the last time he just said that we should if I want to. I wanted to make a clean break and not go back to talking to him and getting back together. This included blocking him on fb and deleting him off whatsapp, Skype etc so that I wouldn't be tempted to message him at all. It helped me get over missing him as my bf.

The problem was I broke it off forgetting temporarily during the heat of the moment that he had his exam in 3 days time. A week late I unblocked him as I wasn't tempted to message him to want to get back together etc and thought maybe one day it could leave the possibility of being friends open. I emailed him to apologise for breaking up at a terrible time and wished him well. He never replied.

Fast forward one month later, I emailed him asking if he could send me an item that has a lot of sentimental value to me that I left at his (he actually brought this item for me!). He said he still has it and asked me if that was all I wanted. When I said yes he asked why I want it back and when I explained he called me selfish and that I deserve nothing from him. I again replied back apologizing for hurting him and breaking it off at a bad time but he never replied.

I noticed that I'm now blocked on fb. Thing is we weren't fb friends after the break up and my profile is super private (you can only see my profile and cover photo but no wall posts etc).

I'm just curious as to why he made an effort to block me when we weren't exactly in contact.


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  • You hurt him, and then when you finally got around to contacting him, it was only for an item, and not to talk to him. You weren't taking his feeling into account at all. That is pretty selfish. You don't go no contact, and then try to get your stuff back a few weeks later. That is like stabbing someone in the chest, and then coming back a few weeks later, and twisting the knife. Now it seems like he thinks no contact with you is the only way to keep you from hurting him.


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  • Probably so you can't see his profile or who he is trying to hook up with.


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