Is this a trust or lack of love problem?

My ex gf and I broke up 4 and a half months ago. We have been living in different countries for 6 months. Since the break up we have been in touch so we decided to go for a trip together for 4 days. In these four days we have hooked up, kissed, being romantic, but she doesn't trust me. We were very romantic but our last night together she got angry for one silly thing and she began to get angry with everything I did so the night ended horrible. Next morning she was ok but still a little bit angry, so I dropped her in the airport and I ask her to get back together and she said I was forcing things and let's see. When she was in the plane she sent me a text message saying " It has been a great time, even though that little problem we had. You are amazing, keep smiling <3". I don't know if she picks these fights because she doesn't love me and she wants to keep herself away from me, or she is feeling insecure and she doesn't trust me so she get angry about little things. What whould I do from now on?


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  • Neither she just want to take things slow. Did your last relationship went to fast?

    • Yes, actually it did. Everything was too fast between the two of us and when we were together we were discussing this regard. But she was very afraid of faling hardl in love because she suffered in her last relationship that was 1 and a half years before our relationship. She is angry because she says that everytime she has needed me I have not been there for her (Honestly I was, but it seems she needed more or she sees everything I do in a negative way)

    • I see. Just give her time. I think she don't want to make the same mistake again.

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  • Just let it find its way, keep talking to her and who knows maybe you can try again. (And she really should've turned that phone off on plane)

  • Maybe just take it slow and see if you can regain the trust and love that was once there.


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