I have no idea what to do anymore?

Ok so my ex me that he's not going to lie to me that he still likes me and he's still in love with me. He aslo said his feeling get stronger for me when he dose not see me every day ( we used to live together). But when u feel that way about someone how can u not know what you want? I don't know what to think anymore about any of this.


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  • The question most people are going to want to know is why you guys broke up to begin with. It's kind of hard to offer advice without all the information. I have been here before, but she was the one that did all the wrong. A lot of times people start to realize they messed up and want to try and come back. Depending on why y'll broke up, I would be weary. He may just miss what you used to do for him and hasn't gotten it since you broke up. In a sense, it'd be like using you. Just be careful and don't fall for anything. If you all broke up for small petty things, then try to work it out. If the break up was over something major, cheating or etc, then the best thing to do is keep your distance unless he can prove he can be faithful. Best of luck.

    • He said he needed a break to better himself but said there's a chance wr can get back together and as the days go he's telling me how he fells says he thinks about me and is still in love with me.

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    • You're very true. Wait as long as you only want to. You have to make choices that suit you and your happiness. Love can suck. My last relationship was 7 years and she was uncertain about what wanted and ending up cheating multiple times. Love sucks when your heart is deep into it.

    • Yes that is so true it dose. I feel like it will all work out im just tired of waiting but its to soon to give up even though part of me wants to my hearts telling me to wait. But time will tell if it's meant to be it will be.

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  • I'm going to take a stab and assume that the break-up and one of you moving out were related? You can't really get to know someone until you live with them, and some people you just can't live with no matter how much you love them, and that can ruin a relationship. It sounds like time apart, or just living apart has helped him to remember why he wanted to be with you in the first place. Ask yourself about this, and talk to him about this: did things start going south when you moved in together? I hope this at least gives you more to work with than what you had before, good luck.

    • Wr lived together for like 2 years. He said it was just something he had to do to better themself but there's a chance we can get back together and ad the days go he tells me he thinks about me and that he's still in love with me. It's hard cause by hearing that u would think he woukd know.

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    • Well I think he sounds like a smart and honest guy. He does genuinely care for you, enough to consider how he will affect your life.

    • Yea its just hard when ur both still in love with each other and i want to be back with him and hearing that he thinks about me and is still in love with me it's hard to want to wait to see what will happen. I did ask him if he's doing better without me and he told me no. So i dont get it. But i guess time will tell

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  • agree with most of Mrteddybear said

    without knowing the basis for the break up my opinion is mostly speculation. the big question I would have for the ex is; is he just missing what he had OR does he truly realize that what he had is what he wanted? Often times after a break up despite there being a legit reason for the break up we (humans) look back fondly and sort of nostalgically on the relationship. we miss the intimacy, companionship, sex, etc and we kind of trick ourselves into thinking that the missing what you had is actually desire to rekindle that.

    If he seems to not know what he wants then my feeling is he is sort of just missing the relationship but not necessarily wanting to be in that exact relationship. I would just sort of tread lightly. Try to gauge (or ask) his true feelings and figure out if he truly wants to reconcile or just misses the relationship and thus has convinced himself that he wants the relationship


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