Does this mean I am completely over my ex?

I ended a 4 year relationship back in September. We didn't officially do the whole no contact thing until December. In January I had a fling with a guy that lasted a month and half. It was mostly physical and let me know that there are other guys out there.

In March I started talking to a new guy. That gradually progressed to a lot more serious than I anticipated. We are now in a relationship and he has met my family and I have met his. I can see myself spending the rest of my life with him. I am so happy.

In the meantime, I have had no contact with my ex of 4 years. I hope he is doing well and wish him the best type of thing. I obviously care about him still but have no desire to see him, talk to him or be physically intimate with him. The flame is dead. I saw on Facebook today he was tagged in a post with a girl that I heard he is dating. (mutual friends told me) It didn't even phase me. I thought to myself good I'm glad he has moved on and I hope she treats him well.

Does this mean I am over him? If I can hope for the best for him and be happy he is dating someone new? It is a strange feeling. He was such a big part of my life it is hard not to want what is best for him.
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I think the only reason he was on my mind was first I saw the Facebook post and then he "favorited" a Twitter tweet that I had posted over the weekend. He then unliked it randomly so I think it was accidental. Why would he do that?


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  • You are over your ex. You will still care about him, but you are over him. I won't say 100% only b/c you still think about him and had enough thought to ask this question on here. When you can just worry about your life and your future and current relationship then you'll be 100% over him. Good luck and I'm happy you are doing good.


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