Men, why would you tell your ex "she isn't the woman" for you, then continue to text and go to see her?

My ex of 6 months at that time (we had been together for MANY), tells me that but continues to text me and recently has been coming to my home a lot more. It is quite confusing to me. Could it be the longer we are apart, the more he is realizing I AM the woman for him? I don't know


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  • I don't know, but I do know he needs to make a decision and stick by it. So give him an ultimatum.

    • I agree. I am not initiating contact with him. He's been contacting me and showing up at my home. I also believe he was trying to find me last week on my birthday. Idk... :(

    • Thanks for MH :) He's not being fair to you, give him the boot :)

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  • He could be simply craving you and hoping you will give him a forgive me fuck or a miss me fuck. To make sure you're really the woman for him, you'd have to see if his current intentions/motives to come contact/see you are sexual or not.

    • That could be it too.

  • He either liked and wants more of the sex you used to have, which means he thinks you are great in bed or he may realize he made a mistake with his feelings and really does want to be with you. Leave the door open as long as you can. But don't let him string you along.

    • I guess... I don't know what it is. I still love him very much. But he will NOT use me for sex.

  • are you both still having sex?

    • Are we having sex with each other? No. Is he having sex? I would have to say yes. Am I? No.

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    • well see its that kind of details that are important to tell, otherwise the advice I would give would be far, far from what you should hear. This man has issues and it seems like the further you are away from him the better. You dont want any of that nonsense, having sex with a married woman.

    • Lol... oh... there are a lot more details. . I know.. I need to let go and move on. I'm working on it. Thanks.

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