I don't know what's happening anymore, and she isn't really helping?

First off, i want to thank both you guys and girls for serious advice/tips that you can give,

To start off, a little of my background;
I am 20 year old, german ( Köln)
She is 18 year old dutch girl (Nijmegen)
We both go to school and we both work.
She isn't my first girlfriend, but she is my first love.

It all started last month were i went to meet her, we were dating for about 5 months and i was happy with her,
but the problem was that her dad was turkish with strict muslim rules, like no dating or she will embarres her father.

So when i went to meet her half way through the roadtrip, she suddenly calls me and told me that her parents were fighting again and that she wanted for me to stay home.

I asked her iff everythibg was alright and told her that i will come onltly to check up on her to see iff she is oke. So i still went to her city, and she stood there at the park were we usually meet in secrecy, and as i went to her, the moment she saw me she bursted into crying, i held her as best as i could and told her that everythibg will be oke. I told her that i just want to take her away from all the stress in that house for that day, and it went well. That evening she told me that she would die without me and asked for me to never let her go. I held her and told her what was in my heart and told her exactly what she wanted to hear.

But then the next day, she suddenly out of the blue, texts me and told me that she doesn't want to speak to me anymore because her cousin found it, and was afraid that he would tell her father. Now this left me confused and i started asking questions, but she refused to give an awnser and told me to "keep cobtinue what i'm doing <3.

So yesterday, i heard from her cousin that they never even had a fight that day, and he didn't knew what she was talking about. Although he did mention her father beeing a hoorible man.

what do i need to do? I want to hold on to her, but she lied? Thank you in advance
Update; its hard to do a spelling check on phone,

The cousin found out of our relationship and she was forbidden, but when i spoke to him, he told me that her parents never really had a fight that day, he knows because he lives with them.


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  • I'm thinking. . . .. . . . . ... When you comforted her and you took her over and spoke heart to heart - that was way too strong for someone who is emotionally unstable. You should have just given her just barely enough breathing space, she's not even secure to reassure herself that she's worthy of you. I think that she's not talking to you because she is scared, so if you do meet her again, let her open up on her own. Deal with her problems and help her get somewhere, the love is pretty nice but she's not able to stomach much of it.

    • We still have a NC rule and she wobt allow me to be friends on Facebook (tbh i was the 1 who removed her cus of the emotional blow i recieved when she told me that)

      Should i tell her that she can talk to me whenever she wants or just lay it to rest abit?

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    • She gave me the cold shoulder and said that she will be fine, and she also said:" so will you." It doesn't look so well does it?

    • Give it some rest, if it's meant to be, it's meant to be. It'll get worse if you jerk it.

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