My ex showed up at my door last week and said he wanted to be friends and now he won't talk to me what should I do?

So my ex showed up out of the blue a week ago saying he still loves me and wants to be friends and hopefully that can lead to more. We talked for hours and during that talk he told me all the things I did wrong in the relationship; like not talking enough while we drove around, or not asking him enough questions. He also told me that if we were to get married he wanted to be the one who decided on everything. I in return told him that it would be nice if the next time he came over if he asked me, out of respect, and that he should first try to get past why he broke up with me before we try to move on because he's using it as a guilt trip. He got upset and said he never wanted to talk to me again and that he will not read anything I send him online or in a text, what should I do?
The guilt trip wasn't him telling me what I did wrong, the guilt trip was bringing up the meme he broke up with me over, every time we spoke.


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  • Obviously, sweetie, You can well See for yourself that things haven't change any And----Neither has he. Nice going, next time you might Hear from him, should he get over his hissy fit.
    Other than That, Don't bother yourself even giving this mutt the satisfaction of 'talking to him again' Nor Allowing him to 'Read anything I send him online or in a text.'
    Move on, it's Not going to work. If you're Merely asking for a 'Little respect' And he is hymning and hawing over something as Trivial as That? Then imagine the big train wreck, waiting to happen, should you both even become hooked again, even if it's for just friends.
    I always find that with an 'EX' that 'X' Marks their spot as to their motives for Wanting to come back into the Other half's life. And my guess is he was looking for Friends with benefits to start, with No guarantees, and before anything further was going to take shape, he wanted to Bring up the past, your past Mistakes in 'The relationship,' to Get rid of his-------Guilt trip he's been riding on.
    Now you know. Forget this little pup. Let sleeping dogs lie.
    If he threw you a bone before by breaking it off, history will most likely repeat itself----As you can see-----it just did. A lesson learned in love.
    Good luck. xxx


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  • First off, what are you thinking to do? Second off making things clear and stating the reasons you two broke up wasn't wrong or a guilt trip as you say.

    • Every time we broke up he would bring a meme I sowed him, which is why he broke up with me, over the meme. That's the guilt trip I was talking about. Other than that everything else he blamed on me. I don't know what to do, I would like to end things on good terms and not have him hate me over a meme.

    • If you want to end things do it, good or bad terms. There is no need to keep ex's in your life.

  • So my ex showed up out of the blue a week ago saying he still loves me and wants to be friends and hopefully that can lead to more.
    He was hoping to nail you.


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