I just found out that I was my x-boyfriend mistress for the entire year we were a "couple"?

We are all ready broken up for a couple months now n just barely now I find out that he was still with his baby mom all along n I was the other women. I am mad at myself for not liseinknh to the clues but mad at him as well to play me like that. Sometimes I feel like telling his baby mom just to make him mad. N my mom still takes care of his kids n everytime I see him he doesn't say anything to me but he knows that I know. I am like afraid that if one day I am here when his kids mom picks up the kids from my mom that I will just tell her everything.


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  • Every good relation is build upon trust and honesty. His girlfriend / mom of his kid has the right to know what has happened. "Just to make him mad" is not the right motivation, but I do feel you can reveal the truth.


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  • Forgiveness i probably the hardest act to make. You have every right to be upset. I think the main person you need to forgive is yourself however - you had no idea and you may feel slighted for being played while not picking up on it... That is okay - you aren't in the wrong for being upset but forgive yourself for not knowing.

    As far as his babys mother and him - you should let it go... There is a lot more going on there than you probably realize and it isn't really your place anymore to speak into that relationship knowing it will cause tension.

    Sometimes it is best to leave the garbage curbside ---

    Keep your head up.


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