Guys: I would like to have your input on this, thank you for your opinion! would you had taken this comment down?

my bf and I broke up, and my cousin wrote on his wall how she is planning on coming down to see us ( me and him ) so it made it look as if we still together, ( she didn't know we were broken up ) I don't have fb so she fig to tell him on there,
He didn't take it down, I mean he hid his relationship status and left a few pics of me, but I figured he would take that comment since it makes it seems as if we r still in a relationship, I don't have fb but I saw it and took my fb down, what does it mean? I mean we r broken up we haven't talked AT ALL.. would you had taken it down?


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  • Maybe he's lazy on Facebook or doesn't want to go to the trouble of taking down every little comment. There could be a huge variety of reasons. I would call your cousin, explain the situation, and ask if she still wanted to come visit you and hang out.

    • no he is not, he is constantly on fb, lol well she meant to come see me and meet him, she never met him just via fb

What Girls Said 1

  • i probably would've corrected her, prolly not have taken it down.


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