Ex contacted me on Skype after no contact?

I really need opinions please :(

Anyways my ex broke up with me 28 days ago, and ever since his "break up message" I started NC (deleted FB and changed number) and haven't talked to him anymore...

Now the things is he initiated contact after 10 days of NC (wrote a letter and called on Skype) which I ignored, I was hurting too much.

Wednesday he called my mom and complained about me and how I never been serious and all that crap (total BS)
Yesterday he calls again about the Relationship how it went wrong... He tried calling me that night at 2am on Skype but I didn't see it.

Anyways he asked for my new number and I told her to give it to him.

Today I get a message on Skype, he added me back in his list saying that "if I wanted to talk I would do it there... xx"

WTH? I've been ignoring him for 28 days, not the other way around, and now he says if "I" want to talk?

What is this guys deal, what is he trying to do?



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  • He needs closure. You need to be completely honest. Just say " Look (his name) I'm sorry it didn't work out. I don't want to be with you anymore. Tell him why you don't. Then say STOP trying to contact me. I need space from this and you are getting out of hand. It's not gonna happen. I want to move on and you should to." If that doesn't work restraining orders are a thing... Guy seems like a stage 5 clinger... I apologize in behalf of men everywhere. Our kind can be a little simple.

    • Thanks :)

      Thing is I would love to re-kindle if that's why he is trying to contacting me... I still love him, that's why I gave my number..

    • Well no offense. And best of luck. But you made him come of like a creep. Lol

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  • You agreed to give him your new number so why are you so confused about why he's contacting you? You want this

    • Confused at why he is trying to contact, I gave my number because I hope things can work out between us and still love him.

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