Does my ex want to get back with me? exes reply?

After a long message saying hello and asking my ex how he was. is what he said.

I'm glad everythings going well for you in London and congrats on your successes in moving there.
Don't be silly you were a massive part of my life as well and don't think you didn't pop up in my radar.;I hate to admit it I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off you and I don't think that's moving forward.

If you are still in Wales come see me :)

as for jac I hope londons treating him well


2.) Reply to going for a coffee

I'd love to meet for a coffee :)

you let me know when you get back and I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a brilliant summer in London

Take care Angie

Does it sound like he wants to get back? I don't know whatmy feelings are towards him, but I was the one who reached out.
All thoughts welcome, comment on mine and I'll comment on yours!


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  • I think chances are that now you've moved away he knows that you're out of his control and able to see/be with other people without him knowing or influencing this. It is almost definitely a defensive move from him. He clearly wants your attention and well I guess you all to himself.

    I think you need to find out if his intentions are genuine. He may really want you back and have feelings for you but he may just be trying to keep you out of reach of other guys and under his control by playing you along. Don't drag him along for a ride, probe quickly so you can decide to give him a chance or tell him to back off.

    Ultimately it depends on why he is your ex. If he cheated never, ever go back there. If you broke up on good terms mutually however it might be worth a try. Like what Plato said below, exes are exes for a reason though - because they weren't 'the one'.

    • He told me he didn't love me anymore, 9 months ago, so I guess he probably just feels the same. Wha woud you do?

    • Ok, so the reasons for the break up weren't mutual because I assume you still loved him when he told you he no longer loved you. I personally would just move on with your life, without him. There's no use dwelling on the past, it'll only hold you back. As I told you previously he's probably just a bit jealous that you've moved away out of his reach where he can't find out what you're up to or who you're with. I actually think the whole thing sounds a bit pathetic really.

      Tell him you can both be friends but you're not looking for anything else because you've moved on. I think you need to retain your sense of pride here unless he's so amazing and great that he's worth giving another chance. I certainly wouldn't bother, but it's your call...

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  • He would not keep his hands off you? Sounds like its only sex he is after and a catch up. Im. sure he may date others but care for you as part of his past. Be friends :)


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  • Too optimistic to be honest, cancel these plans. Exes are exes for good reasons, they are finished. Move on and enjoy the open space that this world has beheld, you should see all the creatures that even God himself could not fathom!

    • I did think this, although he's coming up to visit a friend at a party I will be at. Not sure how to act when I'm there.

    • To be honest, don't even worry. Just focus on meeting the other boys and ignore him completely. Be careful though, he might get jealous, but I mean, you're going to have a good time.

  • Hm, it could be he wants you back, or it could be he's looking for some ex-gf-hooking-up fun. I'd say it's 50/50.

    • Or he might not even be sure himself.

      @"and I don't think that's moving forward." .. it would help if people would write in English, that doesn't even make sense to me

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