GUYS - Thoughts on this text to my ex? Really want to try again?

Let’s make amends, let’s talk
Let’s find a way to connect together again.

I know things have been really tough for us both, But there is always room for forgiveness.

I am really sorry, sorry for everything. The time apart has made me realize many things, Where i went wrong & Where we went wrong.

I want us to try again I can only hope you feel the same.
Well he replied right away... "im not ready" hmm question is do i take that as a no or what haha


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  • Looks good, but also explain to him how much he means to you. Make him feel special amongst other men. Good luck

    • something like " No words can explain how much you mean to me. I love you because you are you.
      I still get butterflies in my stomach whenever i think of you."

      Im hurt so trying to write is tough and to make it worse we are now a 2 hour flight away.

      Thank you for your help!

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  • Ashley, I forgive you but I know you are too busy nowadays hitting up guys on Call Of Duty. I don't even like first person shooter games. You absolutely suck but I forgive you and the guy you have been talking to is a dork.

  • Sounds sincere, from the heart, and admitting of whatever fault that lead him to be your ex. But it takes two to tango, i hope he feels the same

  • Depends on the reason y'all split up really. Did something outrageous cause the breakup?

    • ( had not long relocated together for his work) he had started to close off and go cold and distant and was holding back masking things by drinking a lot more than normal and from that many a argument happened.

    • We decided to take a break ( i flew back to my parents 2 hours away) his job had become stressful and i think the financials were worrying him. few days after i flew home he called saying it was over. no real reasoning.

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