How do I get over him and why does he still text me?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up about two weeks ago, the day we broke up, he wanted to walk to my house to ask me back out and talk things out, but I wasn't home so he couldn't. His best friend later that night called me and told me he didn't want to see me hurt anymore and told me that my ex banged another girl. Two days after we broke up he started dating someone else, the girl he got with. We didn't talk for a week straight, but then he randomly texted me talking about how he wanted to hangout and wanted to see me. I told him I didn't want to see him because it wouldn't help me get over him. He continuously asks me to hangout and two days ago he sent me a picture of him and I and said 'Remember this?' I asked him why he still texted me and said 'Okay, sorry I won't anymore' Then I asked him why he left me so easily and he said 'Im dating her to help me get over you. It's hard for me too.' You don't date someone to help you get over someone else. That's ridiculous and screwing with the other girls feelings. I just want to get over him. I blocked him on every social networking site, but I always find myself on his Twitter and Facebook anyway through friends accounts. Every second of everyday I'm still thinking about him and wondering who he is with and what he's doing. It's pathetic. I would still drop anything and everything to see him and be with him. Everything I do I ask myself 'Would he care if I did this, or that, or tweeted this, or said that?' I don't know what to do. How do I stop this? And why does he text me all the time asking to hangout if he has a girlfriend? please help me.


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  • It's Obvious he hasn't Completely gotten Over you as well, and isn't Done---Licking his Fresh War wounds, bringing you down to your Knees and to his level as well. He's trying desperately for You to 'Keep remembering' Him, and even with Another half, he most likely would only keep you on the sidelines as a------Friend with benefits factor, with or without the Newbie. He wants his cake and eat it too, to sort of say.
    Yes, she is probably a 'Rebound Rebecca' and finds Qualities in her that he can't find with you, And-----Vice verse.
    You've 'Blocked' him from Everything , so Get off His 'Twitter and Facebook' so he can Get off your back and you Both can move on. This situation will never change, just get worse, sweetie, and you may find yourself in a 'Triangle Threesome,' where you're at the top, looking down and side to side at the Two of them. Don't allow him to 'Screw you around' anymore.
    He was trouble in the past, he's Double trouble now. Get your mind set on other sites and other things, like socializing Out of the house, and less time online...
    I know it will be hard for awhile, but eventually with time, comes Strength, and in the end, when your heart has healed, you will be glad that things worked out this way.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Because he's a selfish jerk.


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