Ex girlfriend messages about friendship?

My gf broke up with me abouy 2.5 monts ago. We were in long distance for 3 months at that time. (1 yr in total) After that i asked her to come to at least visit me here (causw shell only be back in country in jan 2015). but she refused.
Now she sends me message saying "happy to see ur surfing and biking and is sorry it didn't work out she would like to still be friends but doesn't want me to expect anything more" this was after i put up photos with other girls on fb. Should i reply anything at all? Cause there are times i miss her a lot but there are times i hate her for breaking up and not even visiting me once


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  • You should do what's going to make you comfortable. At the end of the day, if you despise her when you see her, you won't have a good friendship


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  • you have to look at it form her perspective. Put yourself in her shoes. for example If you saw her with other dudes in pictures I'm pretty sure you would feel the same. If you haven't said anything by now then you probably don't care enough? maybe she's content with ending it. Or maybe she's trying to get you to apologize and address the situation at least for what it is.


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