Girls, what do you experience after you ask for a break in your relationship with someone you love?

All of a sudden, both of you love eachother but you break up with him, because of a path you chose (school/movig away to a difrent city/etc.).

My question is what goes through you and how do you feel during the time you broke up? Gettibg over him or end up back together?


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  • If you find it hard to fall in love and when you fallen for that person as hard as you hit the rock from 4 feet above, obviously it is hard to do it especially when you know you and him may have a future with this persln somehow you have to let them go. So it is hard. Im in mourning, its been 6months and the real letting go was a week recently. How I wish I could turn back the time, instead of being so emotionally jealousy insecure bitch, I should love him and forget the past. But that bitch just can seem to let people be happy... she was the ex!

    • Iff we wete to say that he starts texting you, in hopes that you and him come back. Would you do it? Cus i know mine misses me and im dying without her. I want to fight for her buts just been several weeks after break up. Broke up cus of home situations with parents. Nothing to do with fights

  • Obviously if I broke up with him it was for a reason , I'm going through this now. I broke up with someone that I've been with for years , Because I know longer wanted to live in a long distance relationship. And other things that I don't agree with , His side how can you break up with someone you've been with for so long and love. My response to him easily , I gave you years to get yourself together. He made it easy for me to get out the relationship , What I'm trying to say is , When a man is doing everything right in the relationship on all levels. For example , Being physically there for those who want it , emotionally , financially in some ways , being devoted and living in the same city. So basically , breaking up with a guy like I just described is much harder. But when the man is slacking and giving several times to get it together , It's easy for me to let you go. Because you're bringing nothing to the relationship.


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