Drunk faught my girlfriend now she's pissed should I wait for her to text or text her myself?

i drunk texted my girl going off last night. she said to wait and text her in the morning but i feel like itd be best if i waited for her to text. I really dont want to mess this up because of my insecurities.


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  • You should text her first and apologize right off the bat. After that, if you want to give her time to cool down I would. Apologize first or it will seem like you don't give a fuck.

    • Ya were through now i took the "apologize and then try an get a forward response to what she wamts" approach. In my opinion if she cared much she wouldn't end it over one fight so its all good

    • I agree, one fight should never be the sole basis on a break up. If she was that invested, she would do what she could to make up.

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  • Dude, you're in the wrong, so it's prob best that instead of texting her, you actually show up at her door, say you're sorry in her face.


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  • 'Text her Myself' and don't waste time Nor 'Tongue tie' your Text neither... You snooze you, lose, as they say...
    Good luck. xx

  • Maybe you could show up at the door with flowers and chocolate? It's easier to solve problems if your face to face with someone. Then again your face to face with someone.

    I think you should text her, because it would suck if you came to her door with the gift and she wasn't home.


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