GUYS: did he respect me from the beginning?

When i broke up with my ex he immediately started being rude and using curse words. He told me i was a bitch and that i wasn't making the right choice. I'm so glad i never had sex with him, it would've been so much worse! Did he have respect for me in the beginning if he could bluntly come out and call me names?


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  • once I tried to break up with my ex and he started calling me names, but I was stupid bc I went back to him, and so yeah.. but he's a jerk, he was probably holding in all his anger he had on you.

    • thanks! Yeah, he was a complete ass for that. And i avoid him every chance i get!

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    • Well thank you! thanks to you and a few other people.

    • It's no problem at all, I'm just glad you figured everything out (:

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  • Honestly I dont think that there's enough info for us to say whether or not he respected you. It really goes back to the relationship and how he treated you then. It could have been tension building up over time, a bad moment, or maybe just something that happened too fast or on impulse.

    • so he was just waiting too long and all the anger he had built towards me came out then?

    • Thats one way to think about it. Did he seemed annoyed at you? Or has his behaivior changed much?

    • Yeah, he seemed annoyed and angry. Like he was mad i said that i didn't want to be with him and irritable with what i was saying. That's why were not together he'd been distant with me at the time and irritable!

  • guys dont like there time being wasted id be mad too sounds like he did from what im hearing

    • so me not having sex with him was a waste on his part?

    • your putting sex to damn high on the list whether you have sex or not is up to you, but you broke up with him he's mad at you he feels used

    • oh okay, now i understand. At first i didn't quite get what you meant, but thanks for the opinion!

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  • probaby not that's extreme


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