I am terrified that I may still have feelings for my ex if I see him again?

I was with my ex boyfriend for nearly two years and we have stayed friends after breaking up a year ago. I haven't seen him since the break-up as he has been off at a different University and with our busy holiday work schedules we haven't met up.

I have been with my current boyfriend for 6 months now and I am really happy with him, but I am seeing my ex again in a couple of weeks (Unavoidable as it is a charity thing we joined together) and I am terrified that I still have those feelings for him (I didn't get over our break up until I met my current bf.)

What can I do short of ignoring him to try and contain those feelings as much as possible if I do have them.
And what do I do about my current bf?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well definitely let your current bf know that your ex will be at the thing. Better he hear it from you than anyone else. As for your feelings, it seems like you may need some closure? If so, talk it out while you're around your ex but be sure he knows that your committed to your current bf


What Girls Said 1

  • Face him I have same problem I have a child with my ex so it's even harder but he hasn't bothered with his son I don't have feelings for him when I don't see him but I think when I do I will


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