My bf and I broke up a while ( week or so ) ago and he still has photos of me on his fb?

I had my fb deactivated and put it back this weekend, and notice he still has my pics, even the ones I have tagged him use as a couple, he is constantly on fb, his grandma called me to have dinner obvs she doesn't know yet so I didn't tell her I feel bad canceling but I don't want to go, HELP?


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  • Tell u truth that doesn't mean anything i have photos of my ex but sometimes people keep them for memories u guys have , or they keep them because they miss u or still want u back and these memories can't be relived


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  • Some people actually just leave their ex photos on their fb, like most of the time you forget about those pics so maybe he forgot about the pics or he doesn't see a point of deleting them like a lot of people do that

    • That's odd lol. I find it pointless. Like why not just remove the photos. I mean it bugs me bcus I obv care. I guess he doesn't

    • I seen it all the time when I look through friends pictures when I'm bored and they still have their ex pics and its doesn't bother them so just leave it you forget there even there I forget half the pictures I have on my Facebook LMAO

    • Shit no kidding hahah me too!

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