Still in love can't seem to move on! ADVICE plz!?

I feel like i should just leave him alone but how with being in love with him still? We Were daring but are friends for a while now and thats hard and He's moved on and i want to too so bad but i can't get over him (clearly he got over muah easy)

Its not so easy for me because we talked about getting married being together forever having kids and all. Im trying to move forward and talk to others guys get back out there and all but its something pulling me back. Tips or Advice please!

Also i still care about him think about him and all ugh


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  • U can go no contact cut all communication for a while until u feel u can speak to him again ( thats if u think u can talk to him) but u have to go NC if u dont u will just feel miserable keep yourself busy, go out with friends, go to the gym


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  • Try and move on to another guy if possible. But try and occupy yourself with other things, work/school hobbies friends family chores anything! Every moment you're focused on doing something else is another you're not thinking about him. I've been where you are, I know its tough but it works


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