This what my ex has to say to me after I spoke to her brothers, is it fair?

So basically I'm in high school and my ex and I had been horrible to eachother over the school year so we decided to end our relationship on a good note and become friends, because we just didn't work. ( I cheated on her, she became heart broken, I regretted what I did, and we got back together, then we argued she kissed another guy, called slut by everyone I felt sorry for her and we got back together and just it fell out since then). So during a music festival I saw her brothers at a bar and decided to say hello cos I felt confident and I had drunk a little, we didn't fight and they were friendly (this was the first time we met) we shook hands spoke for a minute about the music and then I decided to leave. I told my ex on what's app that I saw them and stuff and she said that it creeped her out and she felt like I was stalking her, and her friend showed me what she wrote:

Its fucking not fair!!! Send this to him because I'm sick of this bullshit. He is really starting to creep me out. Going up to MY BROTHERS? What the fuck is wrong with you? I get that he cares about me but this is obsession and I want it to stop. Now. He can't patronize you or me because he had no right and he has nothing to do with neither of us anymore. I don't want to hear about him anymore... Please. I tried tecca I tried I really did try to be his friend but I can't. I'm sick of hearing about how he is 'depressed' because he is an attractive guy and he will find someone else next year. I know that I'm not being nice... I'm being an asshole but seriously. When it's over it's over and he needs to understand that there are limits.

So yeah that's my ex for you guys Whatta a weirdo, all I did was say hi to her two brothers when I saw them, I'm a friendly guy and so that's just what I do, she's blocked me everywhere and I can't get a hold of her so I'm leaving her be till school starts. Is she fair to say this?


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  • Not necessarily fair but she seems to feel threatened. Girls (especially young ones) trend to overreact to everything. Keep this in mind and it will take you far in life


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